Fix Scanpst.exe Fatal Error 80040900 Easily

Outlook application is an amazing product of Microsoft inc. which provides facility to handle the many emails at a place and also to host your all local data files such as, personal notes, journals, and you can also create a excel of your daily life such as, appointments, calendars, etc. Your files get stored in outlook application as a personal table having .pst file extension. Microsoft also provides a tool named as scanpst.exe to repair or recover the pst files when your outlook pst files get deleted or become corrupted.

But some time a scanpst.exe fails to repair the damaged pst files or recover the lost pst. The inbuilt scanpst.exe tool becomes corrupted. After that when you will try to run and use scanpst.exe tool, you will get a fatal error message such as:

“Fatal Error: 80040900”:The tool crashes and the corrupted PST remains unaffected.

When you try to fix over sized pst files then the scanpst.exe show the above error. Once, scanpst.exe fails with the above error again you may become unable to access your scanpst.exe tool and use it to fix the outlook pst files corruption issues. The above fatal error you may see due to the virus attack, improper installation of outlook application and due to system failure also.

To fix this fatal error you have to option, either again installation of outlook application or use of a powerful PST Repair Tool. If your scanpst.exe is malfunctioning, due to the improper installation of outlook application, then it may be fixed when you will again install the same version of the outlook application. If not, then you must use PST Repair Tool which is a powerful third party tool designed by using the powerful scanning algorithms only for the outlook user to get rid of their pst files corruption or deletion issues. So, you must free download this powerful tool and use it, to fix not only the scanpst.exe error but also to fix the pst file problems.

Know How To Fix Scanpst 80040900 Error Using PST Repair Tool


Quick install the tool by following the quick insatllation wizard.

Step 1
Launch the tool

Step 2
Click 'Next' button and follow the on-screen instruction.

Step 3
Preview will be shown

Step 4
Click on save and go for license key to save.


Fix Scanpst 80040900 Error Now with Outlook PST Repair  Instantly!

Efficiently and Safely Fixes The Scanpst 80040900 Error


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